Year 1



3 weeks


Team Size:

Solo Project



Gameplay Programmer


Game Engine:

JBikkr Template


About the project:

For my first project I was tasked to re-create the classic Galaxians retro game. We had about 3 weeks to work on this and try to complete it to the best of our abilities. I got quite a lot of game features implemented my first time around but missed quite some core game loops.

I decided to revisit this game in my third year of IGAD and try to recreate it with my improved knowledge of game programming. I used the knowledge I learnt over the past 2 years of my experience in IGAD to recreate the game again. This time creating something of good quality and a closed gameplay loop.


  • AABB collision & Circle collision
  • Creating behaviors for the aliens
  • Hardcoding UI
  • Simple 2D animation/particles
  • Handling main game loop


For this project we received two restrictions as to what we could do when implementing the features.
1. No usage of the STD library.
2. We weren’t allowed to use vectors and had to use arrays.


These constraints helped me learn a lot about the pros and cons of using arrays compared to vectors. Not being able to use the STD library meant I had to think of creative solutions to my problems.

Year 1

Year 3