About me

I am Usama, a games programmer with a passion for game development. Engaging with intricate problem-solving truly inspires me.

I have learned a variety of skills with a particular focus on UI, gameplay mechanics, and graphics programming, by working on varying team projects and through my impactful role as an intern at Triumph Studios. I thrive within collaborative team environments, collaborating within a team has enhanced both the quality of my work and the value of my contributions.
I consistently engage in thorough research before undertaking any programming task and I prioritize dedicating time to learn new topics thoroughly.

Currently, I reside in Breda, The Netherlands. Feel free to contact me for questions or to get acquainted with a chat.


Age Of Wonders

Age Of Wonders 4

4X Strategy game, worked as gameplay programmer focusing on gameplay and UI

  • Internship
  • large team

Dune Strider

Explorative sandbox game, worked on shaders, AI behavior and gameplay

  • Year 3.
  • Team Project

Cabinet Of Curiosities

Dungeon crawler, worked as sole graphics programmer for the custom engine.

  • Year 2
  • Team project


Project with the goal to recreate Galaxians gameplay features

  • Year 1
  • Solo project

Ray tracer

Raytracer project, Setup a raytracer with reflections and Blinn-Phong

  • Year 1 
  • Solo projects