Dune Strider


Year 3



32 Weeks


Team Size:

26 students -> 15 students



Generalist programmer


Game Engine:

Unreal Engine 4


About the Project:

A trading, combat, and sand traversal game. The player can travel through the desert and explore new areas while upgrading their gear and establishing trade networks. 


I was responsible of the AI behavior and implementation and served as an intermediary between disciplines. I simulated volumetric effects and post processing shaders: toon shading, outline shading and cel shading.


AI implementation:

  • Naval positioning for the AI
  • Different states for the AI
    • Attack
    • Patrol
    • Flee
  • Different prioritizations
  • Different types of AI

– Custom shaders
– Sand VFX



Zero Visual Artists

In light of team conflicts leading to the departure of all artists, I took proactive steps to maintain a consistent art style for the game. I initiated the use of asset packs from the marketplace and developed custom shaders to achieve a cohesive stylized aesthetic. Throughout this process, I sought guidance from art lecturers and fellow students, ensuring that the shaders aligned well with the desired look and maintained consistency.


As the project evolved and student departures escalated, adaptability became essential. I transitioned from my preferred tasks to a broader range of responsibilities, including tackling gameplay and design issues and implementing AI behavior. This adjustment prioritized flexibility over personal preference and the ability to communicate effectively and efficiently within a complex team environment